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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Sequin Spotlight

How to wear sequins
Sequins….. You either love them or hate them, I happen to love them!!!! In my opinion, there is no better way to spice up an outfit, and transition it to a nighttime look than adding some sequins. But you don’t have to just reserve them for “going out” looks; one of my fave ways to make an outfit pop is to pair a more reserved pattern or solid with some sequins peeking out!!

For this look I paired this uber comfortable Zara quilted bomber with a Zara sequin tank (similar) to create an outfit that can easily transition from day to night. But here are  some other great ways to style sequins…..
  • Sequin shorts with a solid chunky sweater and ankle boots
  • A sequin bandeau top with a high waisted skirt (or pants) and a denim jacket
  • Belt a simple dress and blazer with a fun sequin belt
  • Or just pair some boyfriend jeans and a graphic tee with a pair of sequin sneakers

My incredibly talented friend @maemurphyphotography took these photos, you can check out her website here!!
How to wear sequins

How to wear sequinsHow to wear sequins

How to wear sequins


Saturday, August 11, 2018

Leopard Print Items You NEED In Your Closet This Season

Leopard Print Items you need in your closet this season
Leopard print going to be all the rage this fall so I rounded up all my favorite leopard print items, perfect for this season!! I love the leopard print trend because it instantly spices up any outfit, making your look super youthful and spunky. I also think that animal prints are super easy to style, some outfit ideas are:
  • A leopard print mini skirt with a graphic tee
  • Dark wash skinny jeans with a silk leopard print blouse
  • Simple black dress with a leopard print denim jacket
  • Colored denim with a white lace blouse and a leopard print belt
  • Leopard flare pants with a black bandeau top or crop top
  • Or even just a simple black swing dress with some leopard slides!

If you try out a leopard print look, make sure to tag me on instagram @katebartlettblog!!


Monday, August 6, 2018

Backpacking Through Europe Travel Diary Part 2

Kate Bartlett, Backpacking through europe as a teen

Hey friends!! I am so so excited to share with you my first ever travel diary! This summer I went on a month long trip to Europe; for the first half I traveled with my parents but for the second half I traveled with just my sister. I wanted to share all my experiences and recommendations, here is Part 2, if you want to check out part 1 click here, I hope you enjoy!!!

Day 8:Varenna
We woke up bright and early and had some quick breakfast at our hotel before packing up and heading to the train station to catch our train to Varenna (Lake Como)! When we finally arrived at the tiny train station we walked about a mile uphill to meet the guy we were renting a flat from for the next couple of days. While the views were beautiful on our walk, carrying a backpack with all your belongings for a month on your back can start to get old pretty quick :P Staying in an actual apartment was definitely a step up from being cramped in a tiny room with 3 other people and sharing a bathroom with 30 other strangers! After picking up some sandwiches from the only cafe in town, we decided to catch a ferry over to a nearby town, Bellagio, for the day. The ride across Lake Como was absolutely stunning and Bellagio was just as beautiful (This is the town that George Clooney has a house in !!!). We walked along the water and up through the town, obviously stopping to get gelato along the way. Then we decided to hike down to the tip of the peninsula, what they call the “crotch” and chill for a little bit. I have to say, the views of the Lake from the crotch are pretty much unmatched. Around 5pm we hopped back on the ferry to Varenna and met another family from Orlando during the ride (I swear it’s such a small world!!). We grabbed some dinner at a restaurant right on the water and I had the yummiest bruschetta; then we explored the town a little and found a gorgeous hidden beach. We relaxed by the water and admired the view of the lake and the hot Canadian boys swimming next to us !!!

Day 9:Varenna
After a breakfast of pastries from once again, the only cafe in town, we decided to hike up to the castle on top of the hill since it was a rainy/cloudy day. It didn’t look like too far of a walk up but it ended up being over 80 flights of stairs which wore us out!! The view from the castle was incredible and the castle itself was super cool too. It had all these weird statues that were draped in plaster sheets (creepy right?) and a bunch of different kinds of owls scattered throughout (yes, live owls). After exploring the castle for a little, it started to rain so we took shelter at the tiny little cafe on top of the mountain and had the best cappuccinos of the entire trip!! My mom and I decided to hike back down the mountain but my dad and Sara continued to hike to the waterfall ( they turned around after about 45 though when they realized it was a three hour hike !!). On their way back from the hotel they noticed a tiny sign saying that a train strike was happening the next day and the only train back to Milan was at 6:30 am. We were planning on leaving at 4pm the next day so this changed our plans a little and we decided to rent a boat to head out on the water for a little while since we had to leave early the next morning. Unfortunately the weather was getting bad but we were able to stay on the lake for about an hour before we headed in. We used to have a boat and my dad loves the water so this was super fun for all of us!! After freshening up at the condo we headed back down to the waterfront and grabbed some dinner then walked around the old town some more. On the way to dinner I noticed a vegan gelato shop that I had to try (I'm not vegan but I try and eat as vegan as possible when I can) and OMG it was amazingggggg. I had the dark chocolate flavor and it was more rich and creamy than any non vegan ice cream I have ever had, highly recommend ( it's the only gelato shop in Varenna so you can't miss it! ) !!!

Day 10:Varenna/Milan
Our earliest morning yet started at 5 am when we downed some instant coffee and started the walk to the train station while watching the sunrise. It was a good thing we arrived to the train station when we did because the train left 10 minutes early!! When we arrived in Milan we were sooo tired and needed some food, so we stopped at a cafe and I ordered a cappuccino and some yogurt with granola. Since we hadn't planned on being in Milan this day,we rented a tiny locker and somehow managed to stuff my entire family's luggage inside ( perks of backpacking )! Then we took a walk around the city stopping at the Benvenuto church, the canal (not much to see during the day, it heats up at night), and eventually found out way back to our favorite: Wagamama!!! I got my usual, yasai ramen and green tea, which was delicious!! We then shopped around a little and were so worn out we found a park to chill in; Sara and I ended up falling asleep for like 2 hours in the grass. By this time it was time to head to the train station where we picked up some dinner at the grocery store. Then we boarded our overnight train to Salzburg, Austria and hit the sack!!

Day 11: Salzburg
This day started with another early morning wake up call at 5am; we packed up our tiny little train car room, at some breakfast of bread and jam, and were off by 6:15 am. We walked to our hotel, dropped our bags, and chilled in their living room for a little while ( ok it was like an hour and I fell asleep no big surprise). Coffee was needed so we walked to the cutest vegan cafe called Heart of Joy to grab some cappuccinos to go then walked over to where our bike tour started. Not gonna lie, when I head my mom booked us on a 'Sound of Music Bicycle tour' I was VERY skeptical. But it turned out to be so much fun and an amazing way to see the city in a short amount of time while stopping by all the sights from the movie ( including the gazebo from 16 going on 17!!!!) They even played the soundtrack while we biked through the field ( cheesy I know but come on, you know it sounds fun). The bike tour ended at about 1:30 and we were starving so we headed back to the vegan restaurant, Heart of Joy, for some lunch. I got the falafel wrap and it was INCREDIBLE ( seriously you must go if you are in Salzburg). We then headed to the hotel to check in, shower ( the night train had no shower so we were grosssss), and take a nap. Once we had rested up we headed out to walk around town and made sure to stop at the famous gardens, then we grabbed some dinner at a mexican restaurant. We got guacamole, my mom and  I shared tacos, and Sara and I split some kind of fruity mocktail. It was delish!! 

Day 12: Salzburg
We finally had a day to sleep in….to the very late hour of 8am (lol)!!!! The breakfast at the hotel were were staying at has the BEST breakfast so we feasted. After checking out and storing our bags, we headed out into the city with no real plan but to walk around and sightsee. First we stopped by the gorgeous Mirabell Palace gardens, and since it was a sunday morning, a full Austrian band was out playing and the whole town had come out to watch. The bands main source of income was the woman pouring schnapps out of her bag; people would come by and she would pour them a shot, then proceed to take back the shot glass (without cleaning it) and pour the next person their shot. It was definitely bizarre but also hilarious! Then we walked over the Love Lock bridge (which was a great reminder of how single I am) to the old town where we explored the area outside of the main church and got a chocolate pretzel (yummmmm). After poking around in some shops and exploring the town a little more, we stopped at a seafood cafe where I (ironically) got a vegan wrap. After this, we headed back to our hotel to pick up our bags and moved into the hotel across the street (everything in Salzburg was booked up due to a music festival) and chilled for a little while. When it was time for dinner, we ate at this delicious asian fusion restaurant called MyIndigo, which is actually a chain; I would totally recommend trying it out if you are ever in Austria!!! After dinner we decided to walk into the old town and take an elevator up to see a panoramic view of the city, which was gorgeous!! Then we hiked down and headed back to the hotel to crash. 

Day 13: Salzburg/Munich
Since our hotel this night didn’t have breakfast, we walked across the street to a cute cafe called Cup & Chino. I had the most delicious muesli yogurt bowl and a cappuccino (big surprise here) then checked out of our hotel and walked to the train station. The guy selling the tickets at the counter tried to sell us train tickets for like $200 and we were like “uhhhh….pretty sure they’re like $10 each”, which just goes to show you to do your research on how much tickets should cost otherwise you might end up spending wayyyy too much!! After about 2 ½ hours on the train, we arrived in Munich and walked to the hotel to drop off our bags. When we ventured down to the metro we were shocked to find out that there was like an entire mall down there… like a NICE mall (there was one at every metro stop)!! As soon as we emerged from the metro at the Marienplatz, it was HECTIC, but super cool to see the giant coo-coo clock. From there, my mom led us on a Rick Steves (the OG) walking tour around the city. After a few hours of exploring we were hungryyy so we started looking for something to eat. Unfortunately, my family are not big fans of German food and all food  in the vicinity was…… german. Eventually we ended up walking allllll the way back to the hotel and eating at this sketchy Indian restaurant that was actually delicious!

Day 14: Munich
Our parents last day!!! We slept in and went down to breakfast at about 9am. Afterwards, we walked to the bus station and took a bus to Dachau, a concentration camp memorial. It was definitely a somber morning but a good thing to have experienced. If you are ever in Munich, I would highly recommend making the trek out to Dachau, it was truly heartbreaking to see how horrible the concentration camps really were but a true learning experience. After we finished up at the memorial at about 2pm, we took a train back into the city and grabbed some quick salads for lunch. We decided to walk around the square a little more and do some window shopping. Eventually we ended up at this super cool park in the middle of the city that is even bigger than central park! This part had everything, including a whole gang of middle-aged men sunbathing completely naked. The coolest part was that people actually surf on the currents of the little river that runs through the park, it was insane and looked super hard but we enjoyed watching! Suddenly out of nowhere it started pouring rain so we quickly took shelter at a bus stop with about 50 other people. At this point, we were starving so we ended up eating dinner at a yummy Thai restaurant.


Sunday, July 29, 2018

Back To School Outfit Ideas

Back To School Outfit Ideas by Kate Bartlett
Hey Friends!
Back to school season is upon us and while I am definitely not ready for the mountains of homework and 6 am wake up calls, I am so excited for back to school fashion!!!! Finding the perfect outfit for every occasion can be difficult, but I’ve done the dirty work for you and pulled together my fave looks for this Back to School Season, all from Bloomingdales.

I am also so excited to be hosting the Bloomingdale's Back 2 School Fashion Fashion Show at the Mall of Millenia on August 3! Click here to RSVP (it’s free and I would LOVE to see you there !!) 10% of any purchase made will go directly to the amazing organization, Base Camp!

Now for the outfits…..

Who doesn't love a good leather jacket? Especially when its under $150!! I paired this Blank NYC leather jacket with a Fore striped bodysuit and Blank NYC distressed jeans for the perfect school day look.
Kate Bartlett Back To School Outfit Ideas

I don’t know about you but I am always getting cold during class, which is why a cozy sweater is the perfect back to school staple. I love this one from Tommy Jeans because of the fun star print and high neck. I paired it with my fave Blank NYC jeans and the cutest Marc Jacobs mini backpack with plaid straps.
Kate Bartlett Back To School Outfit Ideas

I love an outfit that I can take from the classroom to the gym, which is why I am a huge fan of the athleisure trend! For this comfy look I paired the softest Spiritual Gangster Sweatshirt with some navy Alo yoga moto leggings and this adorable Marc Jacobs gym bag. I also had to include my fave swell water bottle and Manduka Yoga mat.
Kate Bartlett Back To School Outfit Ideas

Who says red, white, and blue is only for the 4th of July? For this casual school day look I paired a striped Levis t-shirt with this white Aqua denim skirt, and the softest denim jacket I have ever felt from Sage the Label! I of course had to include this navy Rebecca Minkoff backpack, which is perfect for school because it is nylon (super durable)!!!
Kate Bartlett Back To School Outfit Ideas

I am a sucker for a cute graphic tee, so when I saw this tank from Spiritual Gangster, I knew I had to have it! I paired this tank with the coolest leather shorts from Aqua (similar), and a black Rebecca Minkoff crossbody which is perfect for a night out or a shopping trip!
Kate Bartlett Back To School Outfit Ideas


Saturday, July 28, 2018

Backpacking through Europe Travel Diary Part 1

Kate Bartlett, Backpacking through europe as a teen
Hey friends!! I am so so excited to share with you my first ever travel diary! I am currently on a month long trip to Europe; for the first half I will be traveling with my parents but for the second half I'm traveling with just my sister. I wanted to share all my experiences and recommendations, here is Part 1, I hope you enjoy!!!

Day 1: Paris
After flying all night we arrived in Paris at 7am and took an Uber to our hotel which was supposed to be only 45 mins but with the Paris traffic it turned into 2 hours (all of which the driver proceeded to play 2000's R&B music). Every time my family comes to Paris we stay at the Hotel Marignan, a little family owned bed and breakfast in the Latin Quarter, it’s definitely not fancy but is in a great location and has the best hot chocolate :) We dropped off our bags and headed out, of course we had to stop by a cafe for some coffee first though. Then we walked to the Musee De L'Orangerie, a fairly new museum that features Monet's Water Lily's. I knew my friend Madeline was in Paris and we had talked about meeting up while we were both there but we ran into each other at the Museum totally unplanned which was crazy!!!! After exploring the museum we stopped by Lauderée to pick up some Macaroons for later (I had dark chocolate and my sister Sara had salted caramel, both of which were delicious!!) and found some lunch at a bakery. I had a salmon and artichoke salad and the rest of my family had their favorite: Croque Monsieurs. We were all exhausted after being up for almost 40 hours so we headed back to the park and relaxed for a little while ( the weather was STUNNING) Next we headed back to the hotel to freshen up for dinner then went to eat at a vegetarian Indian restaurant called Krishna Bhavan (the channa masala was delicious) To finish up the night we walked around and went back to my favorite bookstore in Paris: Shakespeare and Company !!! This is a must see and is so much fun to explore ( right behind Norte Dame). We were exhausted so we crashed early at about 10pm, overall it was a great first day in Paris.

Day 2: Paris
We decided to sleep in and got up at 9 (my family is usually pretty GO GO GO so this is rare for us) then enjoyed coffee and baguettes for breakfast at the hotel. Then we walked around and explored the area around Notre Dame and took lots of pictures of course. Next we took the metro to Sacre Coeur and rode the funicular up to the top; after exploring a little we had some lunch at the cutest little vine covered cafe, I had a grilled chicken baguette. We then walked to the Eiffel Tower which is obviously one of my favorite spots in Paris, I even met a fellow fashion blogger there @annaalexg !!! After about an hour walking around we took the metro to the Champs Elysee where we strolled, looked in some shops, and had ice cream. Then we explored a park for a little while before walking to Rue de Cler, which had the best shops and markets ever! We looked in some shops then had dinner at a table outside at Tribeca ( this restaurant was AMAZING, I had the eggplant caviar which was delicious and a must try for any veggie lovers ;). We decided to walk back to the Eiffel Tower to watch the sunset; the sun in Paris doesn't set until 10 pmthis time of year and my parents were tired so they headed back to the hotel and left my sister and I there to watch. After about 10 metro rides we finally found our way back to the hotel about midnight and crashed.

Day 3: Paris/Nice
We started our day at 7am and had baguettes, coffee, and hot chocolate at the hotel again. Then we walked past Notre Dame to the Marais district which is filled with rainbow painted streets perfect for Instagram :) We looked in lots of cute vintage shops and stopped by three of my favorite higher end stores: Sandro, Maje, and Claudie Pierlot. After a few hours we walked back to the fountains outside the Pompadour museum (can you tell my family walks a lot??) and started making our way back to the hotel to pick up our bags and make our way to the train station. The train station was only a 30 minute walk away but in 90 degree weather with a 20 backpack on, it wears you out quick. By the time we made it to the train station it was about 3pm and we were starving so we picked up salads at Pret a Manger and boarded the train to Nice. The ride from Paris to Nice is about 6 hours so we spent some much needed time relaxing and had baguettes and fruit for dinner. When we finally arrived we walked to the flat we were staying at to drop off our bags then headed back out to explore the city. The waterfront in Nice is like the Miami Beach of France with tons a street performers and great people watching! We got some gelato (I had pineapple sorbet), walked back to the flat, showered, and crashed at around midnight.

Day 4: Nice/Monaco
Our first day in Nice started with a late breakfast at 9 of croissants, fruit, and coffee at the flat. Because my family travels frequently, we usually opt to stay in stay in bed and breakfasts instead of fancy hotels (after all, we only really sleep at the hotel so it doesn't really matter). This particular flat consisted of a few rooms for families, a communal kitchen, and two bathrooms for everyone to share. It was so interesting to meet and talk to people from all over the world. After breakfast we walked to the train station and hopped on a train the the city-country of Monoco. It was about an hour walk down a hill and back up another hill (we could have taken a bus but you get to see so much more when you walk) to get to the main street where we arrived just in time to watch the changing of the guard. We explored the streets and little shops then grabbed some quick sandwiches for lunch from a cafe. After lunch we walked through the exotic gardens to the Musee Oceanographique de Monaco- a super cool aquarium/museum. Once we had finished looking at all the exotic fish we walked around a few more gardens and took a bus back to the train station where we headed back to Nice. By this time we were exhausted so we took a quick rest at the flat before heading out to walk down the main strip. We had pizza for dinner at a cute Italian restaurant then walked around Old Town Nice which had so many AMAZING restaurants, I seriously wish I had time to try them all!! A few hours of walking around town had us exhausted so we headed back to the flat for bed.

Day 5: Nice/Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat
We started off our day the same with a breakfast of croissants and coffee then walked to town to catch a bus to the small beach town of Saint Jean Cap Ferrat. If you ever have the chance to visit, I would highly recommend making the trek to Cap Ferrat; it was gorgeous and not touristy at all (we didn't meet any other Americans while there). We took a walk to a small beach for some drinks then walked back up a hill to the main town area where I got a yummy parfait for lunch at a cute cafe. Then we walked around the tip of the isle and saw some AMAZING views of the water and yachts. Sara and I changed into our swimsuits ( behind a bush lol) on the walk, took some photos, then made our way down to the beach to swim ( ok I didn't really swim but I dipped my feet in so that kinda counts). After exploring the town a little more we caught a bus back to Nice and ate at one of the best Indian restaurants I have ever been to!! It's called the Indian Lounge located in Old Town Nice and they have amazing Vegetarian Aloo Matter!!! We spent the evening exploring the streets and watching street performers. To finish off the night we stopped by Fennochios ice cream ( the best in Nice), they have the craziest flavors!!! I have chocolate ginger, my mom had Pina Colada, my dad had cappachino, and Sara had avocado, they were all delicious !!!

Day 6: Nice/Antibes
Over breakfast at the flat, we decided to spend our last day in Nice in the town of Antibes. After a quick 30 minute train ride we took a walk by the water to the marina where we looked at all of the huge docked yachts. Then we walked up the hill to an area with lots of cute boutiques and cafes. The market in Antibes is super cool to look around; we bought some spices ( not really sure what they are but they looked cool so we went for it) and tried lots of samples!! After a quick lunch of salads and espresso we hit the beach for a little while and of course people watched !!! We then took the train back to Nice where we picked up our bags from the flat and bought some groceries for the train ride to Milan. Our train ride dinners usually consist of fruit, bread, and cheese (Not for me though, I HATE cheese!!) The ride to Milan was a long 6 hours but luckily I picked up a French Vogue to entertain me and tried to sleep a little (didn't happen). We arrived at about 11 pm, walked to our hotel and immediately fell asleep!!

Day 7: Milan
Our day in Milan started with breakfast at the hotel accompanied by the hotel cat, a 4 month old kitten named Jay who was the CUTEST !! We then headed off to the Duomo which was gorgeous from the outside, unfortunately the line was crazy long so we did not get to see the inside, but instead we walked through the Gallerie Victor Emmanuel which was filled with all the luxury stores I love (hello Louis Vuitton). Then we made our way to the main shopping street to window shop and people watch, the fashion in Milan is INSANE and I got so much blog inspo. By this point we were all starving so we stopped by a pizza place for a bite to eat. Next we headed off to the Sforza Castle where we explored the museum for a while. I'll be honest, I am not the biggest museum gal and I may have fallen asleep a few times lol (it was also 100 degrees out with no AC anywhere). One of my fave youtubers, Danielle Carolan has raved about two stores in Europe, Pull & Bear and Bershka so I wanted to check them out and I'm in loveeeee. They are like a mixture of Zara, Brandy Melville, and Forever 21 and are so cheap, you MUST stop by if you are in Europe. After shopping around we headed back to the hotel because my sister needed to do a skype interview for her internship so we just hung out and rested (much needed). By the time she finished it was about 9pm and we were ready for dinner so we took the subway to my family's FAVORITE restaurant, Wagamama. They only have a few locations (London, Milan, Nyc) and I hadn't had it since Spring Break so I was soooo excited, I always get the Yasai Ramen and a green tea :) We finished up the night with a stroll around the Duomo watching street performers then hit the hotel.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Red Lips & Ruffles

White denim set with embroidered red lips from Forever 21 with red combat boots
Hey Friends!
It's been awhile since I have posted an outfit blog post so I thought I would share one of my current FAVE outfits with you! If I could pick one word to describe this look it would be E-X-T-R-A, but that’s just the way I like it :)

This matching white denim set with red lips stitched all over it is from Forever 21 but you would never guess that based off the quality!! The denim is great quality and is thick yet not restrictive. I love a good white denim jacket because unlike blue denim jackets, you can pair them with blue jeans for a super casual yet cute look. The skirt could also look super cute with a graphic tee or a sweater. Underneath, I wore this red ruffle tank also from Forever 21 that is perfect for hot summer days. I would wear this with black skinny jeans and heels for a night out or jean shorts for a casual look. Just because I couldn’t resist, I paired these red combat boots with the look that I found at Goodwill for 3.99!!!! Monochrome looks are all the rage right now and I just had to hop on the trend :)

Hope you enjoyed, and don’t forget to follow me on instagram @katebartlettblog where I post colorful outfit pictures everyday!!!
White denim set with embroidered red lips from Forever 21 with red combat boots

White denim set with embroidered red lips from Forever 21 with red combat boots   White denim set with embroidered red lips from Forever 21 with red combat boots

White denim set with embroidered red lips from Forever 21 with red combat boots

White denim set with embroidered red lips from Forever 21 with red combat boots

White denim set with embroidered red lips from Forever 21 with red combat boots   White denim set with embroidered red lips from Forever 21 with red combat boots


Wednesday, June 6, 2018

How to Travel with Just a Carry-On

How to Travel with Just a Carry On by Kate Bartlett
Hey Friends!
Summer is here and that means….VACAY TIME!!!! I know most people would probably expect me to be an overpacker because duh I’m a fashion blogger, but I have actually never checked a bag in my life. Believe it or not I spent 2 and a half weeks in Europe last year with only a carry on, and this summer I will be traveling to Europe for a month with only a backpack (yeah even I’m scared for this one lol)!!! Over the years I have accumulated many hacks to packing lighter and making the most out of limited space so I thought I would share with you some of my best tips :)

1. Pack in the Same Color Palette
Packing in the same color palette is the best way to ensure that you will have a variety of different outfits to pair together (plus it makes your instagram feed look super cohesive lol). For example, last summer when I went to Greece, I packed predominantly white and blue clothing; this allowed me to pretty much pair any top with any skirt/pants and wear the same accessories with any outfit!

2. Three Pairs of Shoes Max
I know this might sound intimidating but you really only need 3 different types of shoes for a summer vacation: sneakers, sandals, and a going-out shoe. Typically for sneakers I will bring white high top converse because I can wear them for outdoor activities but they also look cute thrown on with a sundress. For sandals, I typically bring a neutral, super comfortable pair like these Steve Madden ones in Cognac. As far as going-out shoes go, I typically opt for a nicer pair of sandals (sometimes with a little block heel like this pair). I love wedges just as much as the next girl but they take up wayyy too much space in a suitcase and can be super heavy.

3. Travel-Size Woolite
My mom is the queen of traveling light and this is her favorite trick for getting multiple wears out of clothing items. If you have access to a sink you can easily wash your clothes with some to-go woolite, hang them up to dry in the bathroom, and they will be clean and ready to wear again in the morning!!! I always use this trick for washing underwear on trips, which brings me into my next hack…….

4. Don't Pack Cotton Underwear
If you are planning on washing your underwear and letting it dry overnight, I would recommend bringing nylon instead of cotton underwear. Cotton takes FOREVER to dry and also tends to be heavier, so look for light, nylon pairs to pack instead. A lot of travel stores sell nylon underwear for a TON, but you can easily find what you need at Victoria’s Secret or even Target.

4. Avoid Anything You Can't Wear at Least Twice
When packing, I like to think about items that I can wear multiple times, or in multiple outfit combos (usually this is dark jeans, jean shorts, dresses, blouses, etc). I always try and stay away from white jeans, linen dresses, and tight fitting tops because usually after just half a days wear these items are already dirty!!

5. Store Makeup and Jewelry in your Backpack/Purse
I always find that my beauty products and jewelry take up a ton of space in my carry-on, which takes away from the room I have for my clothes. That’s why I always recommend storing those cosmetic bags in your backpack or purse so you can dedicate all the space in your carry on to clothes. This also allows for quick access to your makeup when you want to freshen up after a long flight and you avoid the risk of any products spilling all over your clothes!

6. Leave the Shampoo and Conditioner at Home
I never worry about bringing my own shampoo/conditioner/body wash because the hotels already provide these things (Same goes for hair-dryers). Although the hotel shampoo may not be top of the line quality, making-do with it can save a ton of space in your suitcase!!

Thursday, May 31, 2018

5 Summer Outfits Under $50

5 Summer Outfits Under $50 by Kate Bartlett
Hey Friends!!!

Summer is here and I am so excited for all the light, flowy, and bright fashion that comes along with it! As a teenager, I understand that buying a whole new wardrobe on Revolve.com for each season just isn’t really feasible for my bank account. I’m a girl on a budget so I created 5 adorable Summer outfits for every occasion for under $50 each!!

Dinner Out
I always love dressing up when I go out to dinner and this striped set is adorable for wearing to a nice restaurant (plus I adore sets because you can wear them together or wear the pieces on their own!!!) For shoes, I paired it with some baby blue slides for a super summery vibe and light pink statement earrings to tie all the colors together.

Shopping Spree
This outfit would be perfect for a day out shopping, or walking around on vacation; whenever I know I will be trying on lots of clothes I love to wear a dress because it is super easy to take on and off and this red gingham dress is also super comfy! This celine-dupe backpack is also perfect for shopping because you can be hands-free; pair it with some cute gold jewelry and you are good to go!!!

Pool Day
I love that one pieces are back in style because they are so flattering on anyone and lets be real... food babies happen (and no one wants to be in a bikini for that :)). This adorable gingham one piece has the cutest cut and is so on-trend right now!! I paired it with a black sun hat and some big white glasses for a fun, classy look perfect for a day at the pool or beach!

Jet Set
Whenever I am traveling on a plane or on a long road trip, I ALWAYS wear sweatpants because who wants to sit for hours in skinny jeans?!?!?! These days there are so many cute and trendy sweatpants on the market like this rainbow stripe pair. I paired a white graphic tee that says “Good things will come”, a yellow baseball cap, and white sneakers with them for a super comfy yet cute travel outfit perfect for long flights or car rides.

Backyard BBQ Party
Along with summer comes Barbeques, block parties, and outdoor concerts; this outfit would be perfect for any of these occasions because it is easy, comfortable, and colorful! I paired a denim overall dress with a bright yellow tee shirt underneath. To top off the outfit I added a red fanny pack (perfect for throwing your phone, wallet, and keys in) and a fruit-patterned head wrap!


Sunday, May 13, 2018

Must Have Beauty Products for Summer

Must Have Beauty Products for Summer
Hey Friends!
These days it seems like there are so many unnecessary beauty products on the market that it can be hard to find what actually works! That's why I compiled a list of my MUST HAVE beauty products, specifically for Summer 2018 so you no longer have to aimlessly wander the aisles of Sephora  :) But that's not all.....keep reading for info on how to enter my giveaway that is $150 value!!!

Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask
Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask, Kate Bartlett

  • There are so many different types of masks out there each claiming to be the best so it can be confusing to shop for the right one. I have tried so many different masks but my all time favorite is the Origins charcoal mask. While it is on the pricey side, a small sample size tube of this stuff can last me a whole year! My mom, sister, and I all use this mask and love it! Even though we all have different skin types, this mask works wonders on all of our skin. When applied, it has a cool, wet sensation but quickly hardens on the skin. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes then wash it off with water and facial cleanser.

Out the Door Nail Top Coat
Out the Door nail top coat, kate bartlett

  • Maybe it’s just me but I get sooooo impatient waiting for my nails to dry when I paint them ( I’ve got places to go and people to see ok) This is the only top coat that I’ve found that truly dries my nails quickly, does not dry out after a few weeks, and is affordable (less than $5!!!!!!). 

Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask
Clinique Moisture surge Overnight Mask

  • While this product is advertised as an overnight mask, I consider it more of a moisturizer. If you have dry skin like I do, you have to try out this product. The texture is similar to a very thick body butter and when spread on this skin feels SO GOOD. If you want to wake up with a dewy, healthy complexion and overall glow, this product is for you!!!

Foreo Luna Play Plus
Foreo Luna Play Plus, Kate Bartlett

  • This little tool is my best kept secret for keeping clear and flawless skin!!!! I was skeptical at first that a little rubber brush could actually impact my skin but this tool works wonders! I use it every morning and every night and simply move the tool in circles on my face with Origins face wash! It is so easy and I have found that my skin drastically improved within just a week of using this tool!!

Doterra eucalyptus essential oil, Kate bartlett
  • If you have not already jumped on the essential oil bandwagon, you are missing out my friend! There are so many different essential oils out there, each with their own aromatherapy purposes, however my absolute favorite scent is Eucalyptus. The best Eucalyptus oil I have found is from the brand Doterra and smells incredible!! You can also diffuse essential oils at night as a calming way to end the day.

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening
Smile Brilliant Before and After , kate bartlett

Smile Brilliant Before and After , kate bartlett
  • If you have ever met me, you probably know about my coffee addiction; at one point it was so bad I think I was up to like 5 cups a day (!!!) And let me tell you it was taking a toll on my teeth!! Which is why I was so so happy when I found Smile Brilliant and it actually worked. I feel like I have tried every teeth whitening product under the sun but they all make my sensitive teeth hurt so bad (some even made my gums bleed). What I love about this product is that it is so easy, comfortable to wear, and I can multitask while wearing the product (I love to go for a walk or bike ride while I have it in). Basically how it works is Smile Brilliant will send you a package with the materials to make a mold of your teeth which is super quick and easy. Then, you ship off your teeth impressions and they send you back custom-fitted trays, which are clear retainer-like molds of your teeth. Next you just apply the whitening gel to the mold, pop it in for an hour or so and you are good to go!!! If you have sensitive teeth like me, they also send a desensitizing gel which you apply into the mold directly after whitening and wear for 15-20 minutes. Overall I have been so happy with the results and love the product so much I wanted to give one of you the chance to win your own whitening kit!!! Click the link down below to enter !!


I am so so excited to be giving away a Smile Brilliant Custom Whitening Kit to one of you ($150 value!!!) All you have to do is click this link, enter your name and email address, and make sure you are following me on instagram @katebartlettblog, Good Luck :)

(The giveaway ends on 5/20/2018)
Tooth Whitening Gel
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