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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Tiffany and Co under $350

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Hey Friends!
I have LOVED Tiffany and Co. ever since I received my first piece on my 12th birthday. Tiffany makes some of the most classy, timeless, and quality jewelry I have seen! However, I think there is a common misconception that you can’t leave the store with a little blue bag without dropping a couple grand. This is not true at all!! Today I will be showing you six Tiffany jewelry items under $350. While I am not stating in any way that Tiffany and Co. is “affordable”, these are some less expensive Tiffany items that would make great splurges or gifts!

First up on the list is the cutest heart lock bracelet! This was actually my first Tiffany item that I received on my 12th birthday!! Coming in at just $150, this bracelet perfect for anyone starting their collection or just looking for a beautiful bracelet. This bracelet is composed of tiny sterling silver beads with a mini heart lock hanging off and I think it looks perfect on its own or incorporated into a stack. It also looks super expensive and has the iconic Return to Tiffany motif!

Tiffany 1837 Narrow Cuff - $310
This cuff is STUNNING and looks so delicate and timeless on the wrist! I love cuffs because you don’t have to clasp them yourself, which makes them super easy to throw on to jazz up any outfit! I love the 1837 collection because all of the pieces are so simple and classic that they work for any age! This cuff retails for $310 and in my opinion would be a perfect gift for a mom, sister, or best friend!

Out of my entire Tiffany collection this ring would have to be my favorite piece! My older sister and I each received this ring when we turned 16 so now we have matching ones! For the longest time I never wore rings because I found them uncomfortable and bulky on my finger. However, this ring is so comfortable and never gets in the way when I am writing because it is thinner on the sides. This ring is the only jewelry piece that I wear every single day and I adore it because it works with absolutely any outfit!

The 1837 collection is beautiful because of how simple and classic all the pieces are, and this ring is no exception! This silver band is perfect for everyday wear and is somewhat large without feeling too bulky on the finger. I hate when rings are so thick around your finger that they do not sit comfortably, but I do not have this problem with this ring! I think this would be a perfect gift for a sister or girlfriend who is a minimalist and doesn't like their jewelry to be too over the top.

The interlocking circles pendant is the perfect companion to the rest of the 1837 collections. It lays beautifully on the chest and adds an expensive look to any outfit. While I usually wear a silver necklace with every outfit, I would probably wear this one when wearing a dress or fancier romper. In my opinion, this necklace is a bit on the dressier side and would make the perfect gift for a mom, aunt, or mother in law. 

I adore this circle duo pendant because it is so stunning in its simplicity! On a day to day basis, I usually wear some kind of simple silver necklace with whatever outfit I am wearing, whether it is a dress or a t-shirt and shorts. This necklace is perfect because it matches with absolutely anything and is understated while still incorporating the famous “Return to Tiffany” logo. At $230, I think this would make the perfect gift for a best friend or would even be great as a maid of honor/bridesmaid gift!

Usually I prefer bigger hoop earrings, however I am obsessed with these little sterling silvers hoops! They are perfect for school or work because they are not too overwhelming or “loud”, but still give the classic look of hoops. These hoops look AMAZING with the rest of the 1837 collection and come in at $260. In my opinion these are a great gift for moms or grandmas but would work with all ages because who doesn’t love hoops?


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