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Friday, January 19, 2018

10 Things Every Teen Needs in Her Closet

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Hey Friends!!
As a self diagnosed fashion addict, I have tried out so so many trends and styles over the years. Some things worked, some things didn't, and some things have become by wardrobe staples!! I have narrowed my wardrobe down to my absolute necessities and today I decided to share with you my 10 things every teen girl needs in their closet!!! Hope you enjoy and if you posts like this please make sure to share it on Pinterest!!!

1. STATEMENT EARRINGS: If you follow me on instagram (shameless plug: @katebartlettblog) you probably know about my obsession with statement earrings. Seriously, how could you not love them?!?!? Statement earrings are perfect for me because, let’s be honest, most of the time I am LAZY and/or dont have time to put together an elaborate ensemble. That’s when I break out the white tee, a dark wash pair of jeans, some sandals, and you guessed it… STATEMENT EARRINGS!!! These days you can find statement earrings almost anywhere but some of my fave places to shop for them are Zara, Target, and Bloomingdales!

2. AN "IN BETWEEN" DRESS: Now I know you are probably thinking “Uhhh Kate.. what the heck is an “in between” dress????” For me, this is the kinda dress that is the perfect medium between something I would wear to school and something I would wear to homecoming. I wear this type of dress to church with heels, or to a birthday dinner with sandals, they are so versatile and a necessity for all the functions us teen girls attend.

3. A UNIQUE PAIR OF SNEAKERS:  A killer pair of sneakers is a MUST for me, especially in the summertime when I just want to throw on a tee, shorts, and sneaks. They are the easiest way to make your whole outfit look put together while still being super comfy!! For years, I only ever wore sneakers when I worked out, but lately I have been all over the trend and I’m hooked!!

4. A DENIM JACKET: While I’m sure a denim jacket is on every “Staples you need in your closet” list ever made… I had to include it in mine too because I’m addicted to denim everything!!! Denim jackets are so easy to work into any outfit to give it an edgy vibe, and these days, there are so many cool embellished denim jackets with everything from stars (my personal fave obviously) to butterflies on them.

5. A GOOD PAIR OF LEGGINGS: Prior to this summer, I had never hopped onto the Lululemon bandwagon because I simply refused to pay $100 for leggings. But after a friend convinced me to try a pair on at the store, I realized what all the hype was about. Lululemon leggings are so flattering on everyone (seriously they suck you in like two sizes), are amazing quality, and are just plain comfortable (you can shop my exact pair here!) I know.. $100 seems outrageous, but trust me, getting a good pair of leggings was one of the best fashion investments I have ever made. I wear my Lulu leggings to school, the gym, the airport, literally everywhere, and I’m OBSESSED

6. SUNGLASSES THAT FIT YOUR FACE: In my opinion, sunglasses complete any outfit!!! They also make your instagram pictures look 100x better (I don’t know why they just do ok), in fact, whenever I am shopping for sunglasses, most of the time I’m thinking about how they would look in an instagram photo or blog post #bloggerlife. But more important than anything is how the sunglasses fit your face; just like how certain colors look better on certain people, certain sunglass shapes look better on certain face shapes. That’s why I think it is so important to find a shape that fits YOUR face. As much as I love and want to wear trendy, round sunglasses, they just don’t look good on me; aviator style glasses on the other hand fit my face, look flattering, and are super cute!

7. A CUTE CROSSBODY: Having a cute, small, crossbody is essential for those times when you want to be handsfree while at the mall, going grocery shopping, or even just throwing your wallet and phone in for dinner out. Crossbodys are also great starter bags for girls who are just starting to carry a purse because they are small, cute, and just hold the essentials. While I do adore my huge tote bags, I’m a sucker for a tiny crossbodys too!!

8. A PERFECT PAIR OF WEDGES: I distinctly remember the day I got my first pair of “big girl” wedges.. they were from target and I literally still wear them to this day (like all the time), seriously, it’s gotten to the point where my friends ask me if I own any other pairs of shoes!!!! Ever since then, I have preached that a good pair of comfortable wedges are a must have for any teen girl. For some reason, wearing heels just gives you an instant confidence boost, and is great for your posture too!! Plus they are wayyyyy more comfortable than pumps and look adorable with a dress or skinny jeans!

9. A TRENDY ONE PIECE: I have always been a bikini loving girl, but the past couple of seasons, one pieces have been so popular, and I have to admit, I’ve caught onto the trend! Nowadays they make swimsuits in all kinds of funky cuts and colors so you are sure to find something you like. Plus, let’s be real, we all get bloated (aka food babies) every now and then and who wants to deal with that in a bikini?!?! Not me!!!

10. A "LUG EVERYTHING AROUND" TOTE: If you are a high school/college student, a go-to tote is a necessity!! Not only do I use totes like these to carry books around school, but also when I am sleeping over at friends houses or even as an airplane carryon! Having a tote like this as a carry on is also super convenient because you can throw other bags into it as well (crossbody, clutch) so you can save room in your main suitcase.


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