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Sunday, March 11, 2018

How to dress cute for dirt cheap

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I got this entire outfit (yes, even the shoes) for under $10. Yeah…. I know, I kinda can’t believe it either. Throughout my years as a fashion lover on a budget I have picked up quite a few tips and tricks on how to dress cute for dirt cheap, and today I’m sharing my best secrets with you!

For YEARS I dissed thrift shops because I thought I was above them and didn’t want to wear other peoples clothes but ohhhhh was I wrong. Some of the best pieces in my closet have come from thrift shops and most I bought for under $5!!! As far as thrift shopping goes, these are some of my best tips:
  • Shop the Go-back racks: The easiest way to find the highlights of any thrift shop is to check the racks outside the fitting room. Usually, things don’t work out for people because they didn’t fit, not because they aren’t cute so you can find some serious gems
  • Don’t be afraid to shop the kids section for jeans: Yeah sometimes I get some odd looks when I’m digging through the little boys section but isn’t finding perfectly fitting, high waisted, vintage Levis for less than $5 worth it???? UM YEAH! I do have a pretty small build so shopping in the kid’s section is easier for me but honestly a lot of the jeans I have found in the kid’s section run pretty large so don’t knock it till ya try it.
  • Thrift shop while traveling: While I have found some great finds at my local Goodwill, one of my favorite things to do is check out thrift stores while traveling (especially in wealthy areas lol). Oftentimes you can find some super cool finds if your local shop seems to always have the same stuff
  • Let out the hems: Okay listen up ladies because this hack is going to CHANGE your life. So you know those super trendy hems on jeans you see everywhere that look like this:
  • Well…..you can get this look with literally any pair of jeans by just ripping out the hem, throwing them in the washer so the ends can get nice and frayed, and them ironing them out!! This is also great if you want to add a little length to your jeans or skirt (I feel you tall girls) I used this technique on this skirt and I am obsessed with the way it turned out!
  • Make friends with your local consignment shop owner: So this tip can be hit or miss but it is very valuable to have a great relationship with your local consignment shop owner. Why?.. Because when good stuff comes in that they think you might like, they can give you a call (& you may even get discounts) ;)
  • Shop off season: I know summer is coming and you want to stock up on cute tanks and shorts but honey… so does everyone else. So my advice is to shop for winter clothes in the warmer months and summer clothes in the colder months. Trust me, you will find WAY better scores, I just got this fur lined jacket and red booties for $1 each at my local trendy consignment store (Avalon Exchange), thats right people.. ONE DOLLAR.
As great as finding dirt cheap scores at Goodwill is, don’t knock regular stores. Often times you can find crazy good deals at stores like Bloomingdales, Nordstroms, and even Revolve. I got this red crewneck at Tilly’s (super random I know) for $2 on clearance!!!

Thanks so much for reading, hope you found these tips helpful!! Leave me a comment down below telling me what you think and don’t forget to follow me on instagram @katebartlettblog !!

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