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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

How to Style: Member's Only Racer Jackets

pink women's members only classic iconic racer jacket
Hey Friends!!!
Recently I have been OBSESSED with my pink Member's Only racer jacket, so I decided to show you how I style it!

In this look I styled my Classic Iconic Racer Members only jacket in light pink with a black and white star print t-shirt from Ralph Lauren, gray paneled jeans from Macy's, white high top converse, a black and white scarf tied around my neck, and black cat-eye sunglasses. I have been loving this Member’s Only jacket lately because of how versatile it is. My school is always FREEZING so I like to have a jacket with me at all times and this one is perfect because I can just ball it up, throw it in my backpack, and it looks perfect whenever I need to pull it out. It also works for so many occasion; I would wear this jacket styled (like in this look), throw it on with leggings and a tank for running errands or going to yoga, or even use it like a rain jacket. The black and white star patterned t-shirt I’m wearing underneath is from Ralph Lauren but I purchased it at a local consignment shop for $1 (don’t worry though, I linked plenty of similar ones below;)) !!! If you know me, you know I have an obsession with stars, and this shirt just fuels my addiction! Next,I threw on these gray paneled jeans from Macy’s, I know what you’re thinking…… “Really Kate?!!? Macy’s?!!” But OMG yes!!! I had been on the hunt for affordable, unique, jeans that actually fit for what seemed like forever and finally stumbled into Macy’s one day because I was desperate and walked out with 7 new pairs of jeans for UNDER $100. I’m not kidding when I say everything in that store is on clearance and they actually have crazy cute jeans in the Juniors section, like these which I bought for just $7. The length was a little short so I undid the hem (If you don’t know about my favorite trick for transforming any pair of jeans for FREE… check out my blog post on How I dress cute for dirt cheap). Of course I had to wear my white high top converse because let’s be real, they just work with any outfit. As far as accessories go, one of my signature looks love tying scarves around my neck ascot style, so I did that for this look with a black and white scarf to add a touch of class. Finally, I wore my fave pair of sunglasses at the moment, this pair of black cat-eye glasses; they are SO in right now and make any outfit look crazy trendy!!!
pink women's members only classic iconic racer jacket

pink women's members only classic iconic racer jacket

pink women's members only classic iconic racer jacket

pink women's members only classic iconic racer jacket

Below I’ve linked some outfits I think would look amazing with this Members Only Jacket and one of my other favorite members only jackets, the varsity jacket in camel wool!


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