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About Me

Hey Friends!! My name is Kate Bartlett and I am a 16 year old junior in high school. I live in sunny Orlando, Florida but my favorite place in the world is New York City. I have a passion for coffee, traveling, and Jesus, but my true love is for fashion. Most of the time you can find me shopping, studying, or drinking coffee! Some of my favorite stores to shop at are Zara, Revolve, Bloomingdale's, or Brandy Melville. If you asked me to define my style I probably couldn’t because my tastes are constantly changing and I love to try new styles and trends. I’m also a self-diagnosed oatmeal addict who loves health and fitness. My dream job would be working in NYC for a fashion magazine or running my blog full time! I hope you all enjoy reading my blog and that it inspires you in some way!!


  1. I love you Kate!! You go girl

  2. Ohh wow! lovely post. I'm truly cheerful to have gone by this site.Thanks for sharing this. I loved reading your blog.

  3. Kate, I love your blog! NYC, here she comes!


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